Welcome to Rango

Rango is a cutting-edge routing and aggregation protocol for all cross-chain and on-chain swaps, aggregating bridges and DEXs in crypto world.
Rango Exchange offers the building blocks for cross-chain and on-chain swaps. The current state of crypto ecosystem includes hundreds of blockchains which are connected with tens of bridges, and thousands of DEXs and DeFi protocols on these chains.
Rango is a new layer on top of all Bridges and DEXs, aggregating all of them to enable seamless on-chain and cross-chain swaps, finding the most efficient, safe, cheap and fast route for swapping from any token on any blockchain to any other token to any blockchain.

New to Rango?

If you are not familiar with Rango or Crosschain Bridge/DEX aggregation, we recommend you to start off reading Introduction to Rango Exchange.

Rango For DeFi Users

🏁 Getting started with Rango Find out what you can do using Rango Exchange
⚖️ Rango vs. Other Aggregators What sets Rango apart from it's competitors and other aggregators.
✅ Integrations Blockchains, DEXs and Bridges integrated/aggregated by Rango
🛣 Roadmap See what integrations lie ahead and what you can expect from Rango in the future
🦎Tokenomics Want to know more about the RANGO Token? Every details are given in the Tokenomics section
💵 Affiliate & Referral Program For those who want to start earning money by using Rango affiliate system
💰Airdrop Anything related to RANGO token airdrop for our users
FAQ Check what questions other users of Rango have frequently asked
📰 Monthly Updates & Exclusive Content Follow our Medium blog for updates and in-depth analytical content
🙋‍♀️Other Stuff Want to know more? Get in touch on Telegram, Discord or Twitter!

Rango For dApps, Wallets and other Web3 Protocols

DApp owners and other protocols can harness the capabilities of Rango's cross-chain route finding and message passing framework using our API/SDK and Widget.
🔹Check out our SDK Integration Guide to learn how to use our SDK and get to know the API flows.
🔹Use our Widget Integration Guide to effortlessly add cross-chain swap functionality to your website.
🔹Check how well-known web3 protocols have integrated Rango (Very Soon)

Rango For DEXs, Bridges and Liquidity Protocols

🔹If you are a decentralized/on-chain liquidity protocol or a bridge, you can contact us regarding integration of your services. Make sure to send technical info and integration docs as our tech team might need to review them before planning/deciding for integration.
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