Rango Exchange, The First Multi-chain Bridge & DEX Aggregator, All-in-one swap for all coins in all blockchains

About Rango

Rango Exchange is the most powerful multi-chain platform for DEX and bridges all around the crypto world, based on reachability and support of top blockchains. It doesn’t matter where the user is and where he or she wants to go, Rango will be able to find the most secure, fast, and easy path for it. We currently support more than 55 blockchains, 100 DEXes, 22 bridges, and 24 different wallets, with a modern and user-friendly UX in the market.
Unlike most of the other “multi-chain” products in the market, we are not limited to any specific type of blockchain. Rango supports most of the top EVM-based, Cosmos-based, Solana and UTXO blockchains, and will soon tame Near, Polkadot, Cardano, and many more.
What makes Rango unique is to integrate top on-chain services in the market to provide the best liquidity and user experience at the same time and remove the need to use multiple services with different interfaces. All wallets can be connected to Rango to check for any tokens in any blockchains and they can be swapped to each other no matter where the source or destination is.