Here is the list of questions Rango users have frequently asked.

1. What is Rango?

Rango is a cross-chain DEX aggregator. It combines the power of DEX aggregators inside blockchains (e.g. 1Inch) with multiple bridges (e.g. Binance Bridge) and cross-chain liquidity providers (e.g. Thorchain) to give you access to better liquidity.

Rango can provide you with complex routes from any coin in any blockchain to another coin in other blockchains. Alternatively, we should search and compare multiple DeFi tools yourself, while Rango aggregates all of them in an easy-to-use and elegant UI and much better user experience.

2. Do you recommend using Rango's beta version?

Rango is stable and well-tested. But as there is no perfection, we are still testing and improving both functionalities and user experience. So we currently recommend using Rango for small $ amounts first and making sure everything works before performing bigger swaps.

3. What is the difference between ETH.ETH and BSC.ETH?

Since Rango is a multi-chain swapper, users can swap tokens inside a network and/or from one network to another. So you might see the same token in multiple networks,

that's why tokens' names in Rango are shown in X.Y format, which means token name Y on X network. So ETH.ETH means ETH token on Ethereum network [aka ETH native token], while BSC.ETH means wrapped ETH token on Binance Smart Chain network.

As another example, if you like to swap to USDT, you have at least four options including ETH.USDT, BNB.USDT, BSC.USDT, Polygon.USDT. All of them are USDT but each one is in a different network.

4. What is Routing?

Routing is the process that Rango computes the best path for your swap. Unlike Uniswap or Sushiswap which work inside a blockchain (e.g. Ethereum), Rango helps your chain multiple intra-chain and inter-chain products to achieve your goal.

Example: If you like to swap your SHIB (in Ethereum network) to DOGGY (on BSC) here is a possible routing of 3 steps:

  1. Convert SHIB to native ETH via 1inch-Ethereum.

  2. Use Binance Bridge to transfer your native ETH to wrapped ETH on BSC network.

  3. Convert Wrapped ETH to DOGGY via 1inch-BSC.

5. Why finding a route is sometimes slow?

Rango finds the best route among tens of thousands of possible routes on real-time exchange rates from multiple sources. Sometimes these sources have slow API or fail to answer in a certain amount of time. So Rango retries and waits for them to make sure the best route is finally offered to the user.

6. Is Rango secure?

Yes, definitely. We are secure due to multiple reasons:

  1. all your money is always in your own wallets

  2. rango integrates the very best solutions and products like 1Inch and Thorchain which are backed by professional teams and powerful ecosystems

  3. You can always view the details of transactions and revise them before accepting or rejecting them

  4. Rango always find the best and most profitable route for you, so you'll experience the lowest possible slippage

7. What wallets should I have to swap cross-chain?

Currently, we support Metamask, Binance Chain Wallet, Terra Station, XDefi, Harmony One, Keplr, and we are going to support many more wallets soon.

Example: Assume you want to do a complex cross-chain swap, e.g. convert your DOGGY (which is in BSC network) to Anchor protocol (ANC) in Terra, you should connect a BSC enabled wallet (ex: Metamask or Binance Smart chain Wallet) and also your Terra Station wallet. The rest of the process is easy and you are guided via the Rango app.

8. Which blockchains do you currently support?

Rango currently supports 16 blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, Osmosis, Cosmos, Akash, Polkadot, Doge, etc. And we are planning to include many more chains in near future.

9. Why I see 'No path found'?

It can sometimes happen due to these reasons:

  1. Your input amount is lower than some limits, ex: Terra Bridge needs the input to be at least 10$.

  2. Your input amount is too high, some bridges or LPs (Especially for low market cap tokens) do have some daily or per-transaction limits.

  3. Your requested coin is not supported by any of our bridges, LPs, and DEX aggregators.

My transaction was unsuccessful, is my funds safe? How to recover funds?

Do not get worried. Your funds are safe and in your own wallets, maybe in form of tokens not shown by default in your wallet. Feel free to join our telegram group and ask support about your transaction. The support team will help you to recover the missing funds. Note that admins NEVER send your direct/private messages before you send them a direct message. Ask your question in telegram group and wait for admins to reply in the group. Or send a DM to the admins of telegram group with the request id of your transaction.

Remember: RANGO admins will never DM you first.

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