⚖️Rango vs. Competitors

Rango is not only the first, but the TRUE cross-chain aggregator available.

Rango offers the most advanced cross-chain and on-chain aggregation. The difference between Rango and other aggregators can be viewed from different perspectives:

Rango vs. EVM Aggregators

Most of the cross-chain aggregators only support aggregation between EVM blockchains. On the other hand, Rango supports a handful of blockchain ecosystems, including:

  • UTXO blockchains (BTC, LiteCoin, BitcoinCash, etc.)

  • EVM blockchains

  • Cosmos blockchains

  • ZK-Rollups (Starknet, zkSync, zkEVM Polygon)

  • Solana blockchain

  • Tron blockchain

We believe by supporting different ecosystem, Rango not only helps crypto natives to transfer funds easier to other chains, but also encourages and supports innovation which is being taken place in different parts of crypto ecosystem. We believe that Rango's mission is to support the whole crypto market, both users and also any protocol that is trying to address users' needs and improve the experience & usability of the decentralized world.

Rango vs. Single Chain Aggregators

Protocols like 1inch, ParaSwap, 0x, OpenOcean and other DEX aggregators also provide route-finding service for users, but they are limited to single chain transactions. Rango is standing on the shoulder of these giants by aggregating their solutions with tens of bridges, enabling cross-chain any-to-any swap route-finding for all of the decentralized world.

Moreover, by integrating all of these DEX aggregators, Rango can be used also as an on-chain swap aggregation solution, finding the most efficient route by comparing outputs from all of the DEX aggregators.

Core Values of Rango

  • Integrity & Fairness: Rango focuses solely on the best results for the user and does not favor any protocol over another. The only factors examined by Rango are availability of the service, transparency of how the protocol works, the degree of decentralization and the speed of transaction processing.

  • Accountability: We value answerability and transparent communication with the users in case of swap failure, which could not be achieved without providing online support and guidance to our users. Any swap on Rango has a unique identifier which could be easily used to seek help from the support team. The support team members are active in our Telegram group and Discord server and can help you find out what has gone wrong in your transaction.

  • Creativity & Innovation: We believe that innovation plays a key role in development and adoption of crypto-currenceis. Therefore, anyone who innovates to improve the quality of services/experience of the decentralized world deserves to be encouraged and supported. As long as the security constraints allow us, we try to integrate more protocols and blockchains to help users with migrating funds and using available services and opportunities.

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