This is our next two years roadmap. As the crypto world is always changing, we might decide to re-order the priority of the integrations of the road map a bit in the future. Receiving grants for Rango, changes in blockchains/wallets trends, community requests could be some of the reasons for these sorts of plan updates.

✔ 2021 Q3

✔ 2021 Q4

✔ 2022 Q1

✔ 2022 Q2

✔ 2022 Q3

2022 Q4

2023 Q1 - Q4

We will finalize 2023 roadmap based on market trends and Rango community's feedback, but these items are included by default:

  • Governance

  • Buyback & Burn

  • All unsupported top blockchains by TVL

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