Ongoing airdrop campaigns
Due to Rango's tokenomics, 5% of the total share of $RANGO is allocated to airdrops. Airdrops are given to the platform and non-platform users for various reasons. The main goal of airdrops is to bring more users to the platform and increase adoption, so using our platform in general, may lead to airdrops for anyone. Currently, two different campaigns for airdrop are explicitly announced and the other options will be announced eventually:

Badge Trading Competition

In this competition, the scoring is based on badges which you get rewarded based on your usage in Rango. Each badge is given for some specific actions. And there are badges that are hidden. These badges are available until the end of the IDO. By the end of the IDO, we will give 10% of $Rango’s airdrop share to the top 1,000 users based on their badge scores. Read more details in the competition medium post.
Badge Competition Airdrop Eligible Chameleons

Affiliate Trading Campaign

The competition will be held from January 18th until July 18th. In this competition, it is not necessary to be a whale to earn more scores, but you must increase your score and rank with the effective trade of the users that you invite. By the users at this competition, we mean the real users that we specify based on the formula which we have internally defined. (The formula will be announced at the end of the contest to prevent gaming the event.) We will allocate at most 10% of the total airdrop share, and you can see your $Rango rewards in the affiliate leaderboard in the Rango application. Read more details in the competition medium post.
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