💸Rango Affiliate Program

1. Introduction

Our affiliate program presents an opportunity for both individual users and decentralized applications. By participating in the program, affiliates can refer new users to our platform and receive an affiliate fee for swap transactions that their referrals initiate.

2. Affiliate Types

Our affiliate program offers two distinct payment methods. The payment method is determined based on specific circumstances and the blockchain networks where transactions occur.

2.1. Instant Settlement (Direct Fee)

The Instant Settlement program enables you to earn affiliate fees instantly when a user executes a transaction using Rango and includes your referral information for the swap. This program provides a seamless and real-time way to earn affiliate rewards for each swap transaction initiated by your referred users.

✔ Supported Chains:

  • All Popular EVM Chains: Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Fantom, BSC, Avax, Heco, Ethereum, Cronos, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Aurora, Gnosis, Boba Mainnet, Boba BNB

  • Upcoming EVM-based chains: (Direct fee will be enabled soon) zkSync, Polygon zkEVM, Telos, …

  • Direct Fee on Cosmos-based chains will be supported soon …

✔ Supported Protocols

  • All EVM On-Chain Swappers (e.g. OneInch, Parasswap, Pancake, …)

  • Almost all EVM Bridges

    • EVM Bridges which support direct fees on Rango: Stargate, Satellite, Wormhole, Across, Hyphen, AllBridge, PolyNetwork, OptimismBridge, Voyager, Symbiosis, Arbitrum Bridge, Synapse, CBridge, Thorchain

    • EVM Bridges which don’t support direct fee yet: XY Finance, DeBridge


  • You will receive this fee, on the source chain of the user’s transaction.

  • All on-chain swaps on supported blockchains are eligible for direct fees.

  • In some situations, your transaction can't go through Rango Contracts based on the protocol circumstances. For example, CBridge doesn’t support IM messages in some chains, and the direct fee isn’t available for CBridge in these chains.

  • Whenever the source chain isn’t an EVM chain, we won’t support direct fees, for example in swappers like Thorchain, Axelar, ….

2.2. Monthly Settlement (Manual Fee)

In this program, we collect the affiliate fees from all transactions made by users that you referred to. At the end of each month, we consolidate your earnings and pay you the accumulated amount whenever it exceeds $10.

The Monthly Settlement program is implemented in cases where we don't have Rango contracts deployed on certain blockchains, and specific swappers or bridges have their affiliate programs with limitations, usually supporting only one wallet.

To accommodate these scenarios, we collect the affiliate fees from such swappers or bridges in the Rango protocol wallet. Subsequently, we share 50 percent of these collected affiliate fees with the referrer.

✔ Supported Protocols

  • Thorchain (When the source chain isn’t EVM-based)

  • OneInch (Only on the chains in which Rango contracts haven’t been deployed yet)

  • MayaProtocol

  • Jupiter (Solana DEX)


  • These swappers will support monthly settlement (manual fees) only where the Instant Settlement (direct fee) is not supported yet.

    • E.g. OneInch on BSC (We support Direct Affiliate on BSC, so the monthly settlement is disabled.)

  • All payments will be on the BSC blockchain.

3. Rango's Share

3.1. Instant Settlement

In the case of Instant Settlement (Direct Fees), Rango will charge users an additional fee of 0.15 percent alongside the amount set by the referrer. This fee remains consistent across all supported chains for now and may vary based on different situations in the future.

3.2. Monthly Settlement

In the case of Monthly Settlement (Manual Fees), Rango collects the affiliate fees from supported swappers or bridges in the Rango wallet. Afterward, we share 50 percent of these collected fees with the referrers.

Our team is open to negotiating the shared percentage with dApps, and we are pleased to offer exceptional discounts for the first 6 months on both instant and monthly settlement programs.

4. How To Participate

4.1. Individual Users

Individual users who wish to participate in our Affiliate Program and earn affiliate fees can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Generate Referral Code: Visit our Affiliate Program page at https://app.rango.exchange/affiliate to create your unique link.

  2. Share Link Code: Once you have generated your referral link, share it with friends, family, or anyone interested in swapping digital assets.

  3. Earn Affiliate Fees

    • Whenever someone signs a transaction on supported chains and swappers using your referral link, you will earn affiliate fees. The way you receive these fees depends on the chains and swappers involved.

      • For transactions on chains and swappers with Instant Settlement support, you will receive the affiliate fees instantly.

      • For transactions on chains and swappers with Monthly Settlement support, your earnings will be accumulated throughout the month and paid out monthly when the accumulated amount exceeds $10.

    • Note that you will earn 0.1 percent from the user input amount for the swap. (Customizable percentage options will be available in the upcoming version.)

4.2. DApps, Wallets, ...

Other services, including dApps, can integrate our API to participate in our affiliate program. The process of generating referral codes and earning affiliate fees is the same as for individual users. Services can access the affiliate program features by integrating either the Multi-step API or Basic API or by using our widget.

How to enable affiliate in Basic API (Single-Step API)?

  • The Single-step API provides two endpoints for getting a quote and creating transactions, “/basic/quote” and “/basic/swap” endpoints.

  • In the “quote” endpoint, you should include the referrerFee field, which represents the fee amount you want to charge the user as a percentage (1 means 1 percent). Note that the maximum amount fee you could charge the user is 3 percent.

  • In the “swap” endpoint, you should pass both referrerAddress and referrerFee fields. The referrerFee is the same as the field in the “quote” endpoint, and the referrerAddress is where you wish to receive your affiliate fees (It should be an EVM address). If you have already created a link with that referrer address, we will use that link; otherwise, we will create a new link with that address and we will use it for the transaction.

How to enable affiliate in Main API (Multi-Step API)?

  • The Multi-Step API provides one endpoint to participate in our affiliate program: “/routing/best”.

  • In this endpoint, several fields could be used for participating in the affiliate program: affiliateRef, affiliateWallets, affiliatePercent.

  • You could use affiliateRef and affiliatePercent, or affiliateWallets:

    • affiliateRef: The referral code you could generate on our Affiliate Program Page. If you use this, we will send the affiliate fees to the wallet that created this link.

    • affiliatePercent: The fee percentage you want to charge the users (1.5 means 1.5 percent). The maximum fee you could charge users is 3 percent.

    • affiliateWallets: A map of blockchains to wallet addresses, allowing you to specify which wallet you want to receive the fee.

  • Please note that if you don’t use an affiliate ref, and instead use affiliateWallets you won’t earn any Monthly Fee. (This will be available soon.)

How to enable affiliate in Widget?

Check Documentation for the affiliate on Rango widget.

5. Upcoming Features

  • In the next version of our affiliate program, you will have the ability to set a wallet address per blockchain for each referral code.

  • You will also be able to define a default affiliate percentage for each affiliate link.

  • In upcoming versions, dApps should only use referral codes in both the Basic API (which is not available yet) and the Multi-Step API.

  • And more exciting features are in the pipeline!

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