Balance API

Get details of a list of wallets, including their explorer Url & balance

Get Full Balance

Note that this endpoint is slow since it queries for all tokens an address is holding and balance of each one. We recommend to use single token balance endpoint whenever possible.

const walletDetails = await rangoClient.balance({
    blockchain: "BSC", 
    address: "0xeb2629a2734e272bcc07bda959863f316f4bd4cf"

Balance Request


WalletAddress {blockchain, address} *

User wallet addresses for the desired blockchain.

Balance Response



List of wallet assets

Sample Response

Sample Response
  "wallets": [
      "blockChain": "BSC",
      "address": "0xeb2629a2734e272bcc07bda959863f316f4bd4cf",
      "failed": false,
      "explorerUrl": "",
      "balances": [
          "asset": {
            "blockchain": "BSC",
            "symbol": "BNB",
            "address": null
          "amount": {
            "amount": "911814661733430075",
            "decimals": 18

Get Single Token Balance

This endpoint returns balance of a single token for given address.

curl '' \
  -H 'content-type: application/json;charset=UTF-8' \
  -H 'x-rango-id: USER_RANDOM_UUID' \

Returns a BigInteger value indicating balance of user for given token.

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