Getting Start with Rango SDK
Rango Exchange SDK enables you to get the best cross-chain route for converting a token on the source blockchain to another token in the destination blockchain. To integrate Rango SDK inside your dApp or wallet, you need to install rango-basic-sdk using npm or yarn.
npm install --save rango-sdk-basic
# or
yarn add rango-sdk-basic
Then you need to instantiate RangoClient and use it in the next steps.
import { RangoClient } from "rango-sdk-basic"
const rangoClient = new RangoClient(RANGO_API_KEY)
Get Your API KEY
Our service is currently free. But to use our API or SDK, you need to request an API key, describing your dApp, the blockchains you like to connect to, and your dApp domain if it's a website to enable CORS headers for your API key.