Supported chains, tokens and swappers

To get the list of available blockchains, tokens, and swappers (dex or bridge) supported by Rango, you could use the meta method like this:

const meta = await rangoClient.meta()
pageMetadata API

Here is a sample of what you have inside the meta response:

meta sample
  "tokens": [{
    "blockchain": "ETH",
    "symbol": "USDT",
    "image": "https://api.rango.exchange/tokens/ETH/USDT.png",
    "usdPrice": 1.001,
    "decimals": 6,
    "name": "USDT",
    "isPopular": true,
    "isSecondaryCoin": false,
    "coinSource": null,
    "coinSourceUrl": null,
    "supportedSwappers": [
      "ThorChain", "Arbitrum Bridge" //, ...
  "blockchains": [{
    "name": "ETH",
    "defaultDecimals": 18,
    "addressPatterns": ["^(0x)[0-9A-Fa-f]{40}$"],
    "feeAssets": [{
      "blockchain": "ETH",
      "symbol": "ETH",
      "address": null
    "logo": "https://api.rango.exchange/blockchains/ethereum.svg",
    "displayName": "Ethereum",
    "shortName": "ETH",
    "sort": 0,
    "color": "#ecf0f1",
    "enabled": true,
    "type": "EVM",
    "chainId": "0x1",
    "info": {
      "infoType": "EvmMetaInfo",
      "chainName": "Ethereum Mainnet",
      "nativeCurrency": {
        "name": "ETH",
        "symbol": "ETH",
        "decimals": 18
      "rpcUrls": ["https://rpc.ankr.com/eth"],
      "blockExplorerUrls": ["https://etherscan.io"],
      "addressUrl": "https://etherscan.io/address/{wallet}",
      "transactionUrl": "https://etherscan.io/tx/{txHash}",
      "enableGasV2": true
  "swappers": [{
    "id": "Across",
    "title": "Across",
    "logo": "https://api.rango.exchange/swappers/across.png",
    "swapperGroup": "Across",
    "types": ["BRIDGE"],
    "enabled": true

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