Quote Response Detail

Quote response detail

Status (Result Type)

Using resultType field, you could decide if the quote response is valid or need to show a proper message to the user. Possible values for this field are OK , HIGH_IMPACT , INPUT_LIMIT_ISSUE and NO_ROUTE.



Best route found. Everything is OK.


If the best route has a high price impact, we recommend not proceeding with the next step (swap). The Rango API may give you an error in the next step to prevent potential losses.


There is a limit issue for the input amount. You could suggest user increase/decrease the input amount based on amountRestrictionsfield.


No routes found.

Limits (Amount Restrictions)

The amountRestriction field indicates the minimum and maximum possible input amount for this quote. EXCLUSIVE field means that min<input<max and INCLUSIVE means min<=input<=max.

sample quote, amountRestriction
  // other fields ...,
  "amountRestriction": {
    "min": "40666469010361176",
    "max": "67777448350601960000000",
    "type": "INCLUSIVE"

Fee (Expense Types)

These are two possible types of fees (expenseType field in the fee array).



The gas fee. This fee should be available in the user's wallet for the swap to succeed.


Some hidden fees in swapper which will be reduced from the user's output amount automatically. This fee is already calculated in the estimated output.

And this is a sample fee object you get through the quote/swap endpoint. You could show the user feeUsd amount as the total fee he/she should pay for this route.

sample quote, fee
  // other fields ...,
  "feeUsd": 0.2527750142059618,
  "fee": [{
    "token": {
      "blockchain": "BSC",
      "symbol": "BNB",
      "name": null,
      "isPopular": true,
      "chainId": "56",
      "address": null,
      "decimals": 18,
      "image": "https://api.rango.exchange/tokens/ETH/BNB.png",
      "blockchainImage": "https://api.rango.exchange/blockchains/bsc.svg",
      "usdPrice": 243.71759113601925,
      "supportedSwappers": [
        "ParaSwap Bsc",
        "cBridge v2.0"
    "expenseType": "FROM_SOURCE_WALLET",
    "amount": "1037163600000000",
    "name": "Network Fee"

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